22 May 2008

It seems sick somehow that my day keeps going on like it always does. On the way home from dropping my parents at the airport, we followed an ambulance on its way to an accident. We finally came to the accident and I was the second car on the road behind the ambulance. How can my day not be changed by what happened? A person was laying on the road that normally has cars driving 60 mph or faster that are now at a complete stand still. My heart aches for the person involved even though I do not know who was injured. For the people involved in whatever took place. For the people who know and love the person hurt. For the people who stopped to help before helped arrived.

People in the long line of cars waiting had no idea of what was going on up ahead. So they step out of their cars to get a look.

Have we seen so much on the television that we become callous that we can not ache for people who are hurt on the side of the road?