25 September 2010

A new beginning

The wait is over! I will no longer be using this blog because I have moved to http://tenaciouslace.blogspot.com/

I will keep this blog open for any reference needed and will occasionally link back if it seems appropriate. Thank you for reading and I hope you will take a little trip over to my new 'home'.

Have a wonderful weekend!

22 September 2010

Season of change

This year I have been dreaming and soon I will get to share that dream with you. It is because of many of you and my supportive husband that I have been able to make one of my dreams come true.
Please check back soon. 

25 August 2010

Wandering Wednesday :: 6

Here I stand (barefoot again) with a wealth of inspiration at my toes. Several years ago we discovered cob building. Hopefully within a month or so we will get to visit a cob home during our trip to Oregon.

Here I stand beside a crib that is no longer needed by either of my children. Our son moved into a Daddy-made bed and our daughter moved into a toddler bed. It is wonderful being able to place a kiss on both their foreheads as I check on them before I head to bed. 

May your nights be filled with beauty.

Wandering Wednesdays have been brought to you by GardenMama.