25 August 2010

Wandering Wednesday :: 6

Here I stand (barefoot again) with a wealth of inspiration at my toes. Several years ago we discovered cob building. Hopefully within a month or so we will get to visit a cob home during our trip to Oregon.

Here I stand beside a crib that is no longer needed by either of my children. Our son moved into a Daddy-made bed and our daughter moved into a toddler bed. It is wonderful being able to place a kiss on both their foreheads as I check on them before I head to bed. 

May your nights be filled with beauty.

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gardenmama said...

This is such a sweet post Lynnette, how lovely for both of your children to have moved into this new transition together!
I hope to hear about your visit to Oregon! Before we moved we hung out at an organic teaching farm on our road. They had outdoor cob ovens, and a chicken house built in the same way. It certainly was inspiring to see these structures built in this way! Not to mention their composting toilets, and outdoor solar showers! In the summer they lived in tree houses... amazing! : ) I love the last photo, it looks like a morning glory but I wonder if it is a moon flower? Lots of love to you this week! xoxo

Lynnette said...

It is indeed a moon flower. My Dad gave me seeds from his plants that I believe he grew from seeds from his Dad. Our trip to Oregon will be soon and I will be sure to share our wanderings. :) If you know of any small towns please share as we still are planning our adventure.

kendra said...

i took a workshop with scott of http://www.earthenhand.com/portfolio.html - you can see some of his work around town in portland, or. i haven't actually seen a real family style cob house before though - i'd love to! such a dream of mine!

Imene said...

You got me all interested in the subject of Cob houses. I've been googling for a little while. Thank you!

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