03 June 2008

Prego Post

Six weeks I believe into my pregnancy. I feel extremely tired everyday. Naps are a must, thankfully Elias is taking a long afternoon nap so I can take a shorter one but still relax or get something done while he slumbers. My house is a wreck even though I am in love with a household notebook it does seem to be quite the magic wand I imagined at this point in time. Of course, having a 15 1/2 month old running around that hasn't quite picked up on picking up. =)
My husband has been a blessing, kind and understanding, very helpful and reminding me to nap.
My midwife called back and we don't need to see her until 12 weeks so my refined sugar and non-pasteurized dairy diet will continue strong until then. Man! that is six more weeks!
funny how the two things I didn't want to give up fall into that category : dark chocolate and cheese!