03 November 2008

It seems I write blog notes in my head and when I sit down to write them nothing comes to mind. 

I've somehow started living like I would like to: taking care of my family in the way the house is kept and being creative in frugal and sharing ways.  Our son is coming up on two with another on the way in January. My husband is trying to pursue a career in the electrician field that will require commitment and flexibility. We are trying to plan for building our own cob home and we only have the debt of our low home payments.  No other debt.  and the only extra we have is DSL which my husband uses to bring in self-employment work. (ok and the perks of being online with the phone free, tv programs without paying for cable and countless resources at our fingertips) 

This year most gifts are handmade which truly makes me giddy when I get them done. Thing is I hate keeping in good secrets ( ones that are mine ) and to make handmade goods you have to start early so now I have gifts that are all ready and won't be given until I am about to burst with excitement.