07 November 2008

Since the time change our family has been getting up early.. husband at 3:25am for work, I am up anytime from 4am - 6:30am and Elias unfortunately has decided to wake up around 6- 6:30am. What that will mean for this weekend staying at someone else's house with 13 other people.... oh golly I better take a book and some prego snacks for the early morning! 

I do a lot of thinking in the early morning when I can't get to back to sleep.  The ideas are always genius... or at least they seem that way.  this morning I think I actually hit on something doable and frugal.. my favorite.  I've been reading on some great sites about getting organized.  One suggestion was to get a fire/flood proof box for your important papers and put a zippered pouch in for each family member.  All their important papers go in their own pouch.  Well I love school supplies but if I go down those isles I am too tempted by the notebooks, paper, pens and what have you. So, I decided I have plenty of extra fabric... I also love remnant fabric... and the local thrift stores always have a zillion zippers for dirt cheap. I'm not the best sewer but I think that will go on my project list for after the holidays.  Another suggestion for those zippered pouches... the envelope system when you budget and have cash divided at home.  Those white plain envelopes just don't hold up well.  Perhaps I shall make more than four. =) 

Have a wonderful weekend.