01 December 2008

2009 ideas

I tend to get carried away with my ideas.. and they are not all that reasonable.  BUT some of them can be and really are if I have time and the energy to try them out and not hold fast and hang all my hopes that they work out. So, I am going to be looking into experiments for this next year. I will be making a list of things I want to make, try out, change etc. and have time frames that are of course flexible. And the biggest thing is not to make these experiments a requirement for my whole family.  If they work out for me they can decide if they would like to try them, they might be better than what we do now but they may not work for my family. Here's for trying new things and being willing to change. 

  • baking soda/apple cider vinegar rinse 
  • Extra virgin olive oil/castor oil face wash 
  • make some simple pure soap and see how it compares $ wise and quality
  • natural cleaning that will not have detergents that irritate eczema 
  • getting rid of clutter
  • learning and practicing more of my passions/interests ( photography, knitting, crafting, sewing, watercolor, gardening)
  • keeping up with family and friends through whichever means they like the most. (letters, phone calls, pictures, newsletters, visits)
  • vacations ( this is something my family actually would all like to do )
  • gardening effectively with irrigation and vertically growing methods. looking into this method
  • learning a new skill... my husband and I want to build a cob home in the future and let us just say I tend to let him do the jobs with power tools because frankly they scare me a bit. =) but I want to build our home together and learning some handy skills is necessary. 
  • To cloth diaper or not to that is the question... baby due in Jan. ( this will be a transition for sure and will require me to do more changing instead of sharing with my husband if we mostly cloth diaper) But it could cut down on the huge amount we send to the landfill if we at least cloth part of the time or cloth diaper my son who is older and will still have another year before he is potty trained. 
  • freezer cooking some... I do like to cook, just not all the time.. this could save on those nights when I just can not get myself to do what needs to be done. 
  • learn about other areas where we could move to and settle down. 
  • make gifts for people in advance and send gifts/cards to let them KNOW we do care. 
So this list is quite long and will probably get longer but it will help when I loosely plan my next year's adventures.  

If you find this and have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line or link. Thanks.