04 December 2008

DIY Solar Food Dehydrator - My greenish thumb is itching already and this is only our second small snow for the winter season.  I recently had some dried apples and some apple leather that my SIL made and loved it.  I also love the idea that I wouldn't need to can or fill a small freezer with food that just does not look as appealing hiding away in the freezer.  If I can only water and keep a garden this year I would like to make/use a solar dehydrator.  I'm a trial by error so hopefully I have had enough errors to have a decent garden this year. Of course, I am wanting to use a new method.  We need to plan out our ditch watering system so WHEN others remember to water and I am tired with a new baby and don't remember the garden can still survive. =) 

At any rate we (my MIL and me) did get one curtain sewn and hopefully two more by the weekend so when my parents come we will have three windows trimmed and adorned with their very own window quilt/swedish shade.  

Pictures to come of: Thanksgiving apple pie, finished windows, and christmas gifts.