05 March 2009

Sweet little nudges for a wanna-be green thumb

Imagine a neglected garden-yet again- that looks yellow as the weeds and grass from last year  are still not tilled under.  With my baby wrapped in my Moby and hoe in my hands I set to work.  Thankfully, the work I did do last Spring helped this early spring task a bit. What I found was truly exciting.  
  • three baby carrots that were forgotten as spring turned into summer and watering the garden was bypassed for feeling prego sick. 
  • rutabegas that I thought had no chance of surviving... not edible but not a complete failure
  • ONIONS! yes, that right. I had hung my head low last fall and went out to the "garden" to see what might have made it through my neglect. Pulled up little onions and thought I had them all. But as I took my hoe to that part of the land I came across one onion, two. In great excitement  I got on my hands and knees and plunged my fingers into the dirt and found ootles of onions.  So of course, instead of leaving them be (since they already proved they could survive where they were) I gently pulled them up, roots and all, and transplanted them around another section of the garden where I will be staking peas or other vining plants. 
The tricky part: we want to move so I don't want to plan a garden that will not be harvested. (ok, so this has happened every year but I never PLAN to not harvest my early hard work) Mostly, I will have spring veggies in the garden and the other hot veggies will be in containers that we can move or give to others if we move before winter. 

My goal: not to kill strawberry plants this year.  I have a thing about those plants, I love them but they hate me.  It's a Love-Hate kind of relationship but I will not give up on them.  Never.