04 May 2009

Chicken Stock in a Crock Pot

Vegetables that I added to the bottom of crock pot

Chicken that I bought on sale for .69/lb (bought 3) 
WITH the neck and innerds YUCK!

Cooked chicken and vegetables straining
I did put the carrots and garlic in with the broth and mixed it with a stick blender 
Removed chicken from bones which were soft enogh for me to squish with my fingers

I only have a 4 qt. crockpot so I got what you see in the picture and 2 cups  that went straight into a meal 
I like to label my jars with sticky notes with item, amount and date

Chicken stock ingredients 
(chicken is in the bowl) 

I was excited to be able to cook this in the crock pot but followed these two recipes. Please go visit and see all that they have to say. You just might be in for a real treat.