23 June 2010

Wash Wednesday

Rhythm is a common topic lately, and Wash Wednesday has become part of my weekly rhythm. It seems strange that something so simple as following Nicole in this adventure to capture and visit clotheslines would have made a big impact in my life, but that is the truth. I am so thankful that she started this rhythm for so many people around the world.

My 17-month-old helped me hang the laundry out this morning. She loves to shake the clothes like her Mama and seems to love the simple interaction in our shared task.  I know the time will come when she would rather be doing something else with friends and not be hanging out with her Mama anymore, but for now I cherish the sweet moments we share together.

This evening I had a few moments to myself to hum in the evening sun filtering through my apple tree while hanging up a second load of laundry on the line before I heard the summertime sound of the screen door slamming as my kids decided to join me outside.

Please join so many others who have enjoyed Wash Wednesday over at GardenMama.


gardenmama said...

I truly love each word that you wrote here. I too am appreciating this rhythm to my week and noticing just a bit more through this shared photo challenge. I love that through the words and photos we share we are writing down such precious moments with our children that normally we may not fully remember. The clotheslines tell a story of our childrens ages, of where we live etc. Thank you for being mindful and noticing that too. xo

SuzyQ said...

Creating and nurturing gentle rhythums in my home such as hanging out the washing early in the morning have been such a blessing.
It takes more time to wash and dry the clothes naturally but what a gift it is. And the memories being created for the children are timeless.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography. It really is breathtaking :)

Moment to Moment said...

such beautiful words and photos!!
Wash wednesday has certainly meant a lot to me as well!!

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