18 December 2008

puppy finger puppets

I've been up since 3:30am and had a slight headache from the dry air and early morning. I did not feel like tackling the endless list of things that NEEDED doing like: rinsing and drying the laundry I tried to wash after the water unfroze in the pipes and then proceeded to spew from the drainage hose, washing dishes that have dried on particles from being left unattended, sewing the second slipper before Christmas, washing (by hand) the gifts I have already completed that my cat decided to pee on while escaping the cold snow indoors and not notifying me us his need to use the great outdoors, making the play dough for my son and his cousins for Christmas...shall I go on. Instead....I made puppy finger puppets... I'm on my third. They are rather addictive and fast to knit up so if you happen to be in a funk and your fingertips need a little warmth...go ahead and set everything else aside and make your toes jealous.