02 August 2009

You know you read too many blogs when...

Hi, my name is Lynnette and I am a blogaholic.  Throughout the day I write posts in my head that are witty, full of pictures and informative. Unfortunately, when I get on the computer and sit down to actually write a post they turn out nothing like what I had in mind. So I console myself by spending way too much time reading other peoples' blogs.  You might be wondering what on earth could be so interesting that I would let laundry pile up, dishes consume my kitchen and toys take permanent residence on the living room rug. For those of you who actually are wondering and have a few hours to kill...please indulge with me:
  • The Pioneer Woman: This is a new one for me but it has me hook, line and sinker. Ree's must read is her Black Heels to Tractor Wheels
  • Blue Yonder: It is truly a hoot to read about Stefani's days with her boys. Don't overlook this recipe for Blue Yonder daily bread...it is a constant at our house now. We love it. Daily. 
  • Balancing Everything: All I can say is that I often read bits of Jessica's posts to Jonathan while laughing my head off. Here is a good example.
  • Centsational Girl: DIY galore with thrift store finds. It inspired me to redo a base cabinet we had in our upstairs bathroom that was moved to the laundry room and finally upstairs in our nook to be my wonderful sewing table. (pictures to come)
And just so you don't think I am a total slacker...yesterday, I made four loaves of whole wheat bread (for which I ground fresh flour from our 50 lb. bag of wheat sitting in our kitchen), made a batch of whole wheat peanut butter cookies, and cleaned the kitchen, washed a load of cloth diapers and hung it outside to dry before the rain came in, took care of our two little spitfires (one that is potty training) and lived to tell you about it. I have my days. Good and bad. Blogs keep me sane. 

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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I agree. Blogs can be so addicting! There are so many good ideas out there! I'm off to go check out your links...

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