05 June 2009

cloth diapering

http://simplemom.net/the-simple-mom-cloth-diaper-review/ has been taking us through cloth diapering 101. Take time to look at the information provided in the week long break down of all you need to know about making the change to cloth diapering.

My family is making the switch for a couple reasons:
  1. To help cut the cost of keeping our kids' bums clean and covered.
  2. My kids have sensitive skin.
  3. We already recycle a lot of our packaging and compost so diapers and the packaging they come in take up our small trash can every week.
  4. The house always smells like dirty diapers with the disposibles piling in the trash.
Need more information about making the switch for your family? And did I mention a giveaway at Simple Mom?