12 May 2010

Wash Wednesday

A recent find at the thrift store mirrors the spring blue sky

Laundry is not one of my favorite chores. Honestly, it piles up and is overwhelming. Come Spring, there is a saving grace to laundry. Hanging clothes on the line is refreshing. The world is greening, the flowers are emerging, the wind is blowing through the fruit trees full of blooms. In the heat of summer, the cool fresh clothes brush against my skin. In fall, the leaves float around me as they make their way to the ground. In winter, I find myself struggling with my static filled clothing from the dryer and long for the clothesline.

There is a sweetness in putting on an apron full of clothes pins and carrying a bushel basket of clothes to the line.

Join us in Wash Wednesday by visiting GardenMama's photo challenge post today.


gardenmama said...

I loved reading your sentiments here, I can relate! Your photo is gorgeous, at first glance I thought it was a painting! Thank you for participating and for sharing your photo, this is so much fun : )

Grace said...

Beautiful photo - the colors are lovely.

suzanne said...

Good morning Lynnette

Thank you for visiting. First of all , I have been viewing all the wash Wednesday photo's and I must say yours is a winner moment. What a lovely photograph. My raw food journey is challenging. My children have been sampling meals but other than the salads and soothies and of course the raw chocolate, I am struggling with getting the right flavours and textures. They are struggling too. I just have to keep going and experimenting. Thanks for the well wishes. I will keep blogging about it along with the rest of our days.

Jenna said...

I agree with Gardenmama it loooks like a watercolor...just beautiful!!! And I also love the one in a previous post with the playsilk on the line and how the light was captured.
I would love to see the clothespin holder!! Right now I have them in a thrifted grass basket (there are no sharp edges to catch on clothes) and that's working fine. But I'd love to have something more like my grandmother used. ;-)
Thanks for visiting!

Earth Mama said...

What a lovely photo, with that beautiful sheet as a backdrop. Just wonderful.


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