19 May 2010

Wash Wednesday

Handmade apron that was a thrift store find- I knew exactly how I planned to use it.

Okay. So no washing today because of the rain that watered our garden and cleaned the spring air, but I did do some folding. It probably would have taken less time but my lovely kids needed lots of mommy kisses on knees, elbows, head or whatever spot that just got hurt. My little one needed to be held close and often. I tried a Moby for a bit but gave up for a walk around the block.

Last night I did get to remove laundry from the line and then sit back and rock in the hammock as I looked out on our glorious evening. That is one beauty of using a clothesline instead of the dryer inside, it allows us the opportunity to get out of the house and observe the little joys that might escape our notice.


gardenmama said...

A stunning photo with such a retro look to it: )
I look forward to sharing this on my next wash wednesday post!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

what a beautiful photo...I am loving wash wednesday!

Funky Mommy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I don't love doing laundry either, but hanging it outside on the line makes it so much more enjoyable.

softearthart said...

Love the apron, cheers Marie

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