09 June 2010

Wash Wednesday

The summer air was thick and warm today. After watering the garden this morning I hung up clothes before the sun had reached over our large cottonwood tree. My kids were already playing in the sand with their straw hats perched on their heads to shield the rising sun.

As the day wore on I let the clothes bring color to our landscape until this evening when the storm clouds decided to drop their heavy load. As I raced out to snatch up my clean, dry clothes I heard the beautiful words of a All in a Day that I love by Cynthia Rylant.
"Rain could show up at your door and teach you how to dance."
Nikki McClure's papercut illustration shows the family running in the rain carrying clothes fresh from the clothesline. Oh how I love this book! I hope to add it to our family library.


gardenmama said...

what a beautiful post!
your photo is gorgeous!
i am a big fan of Nikki McClure, I will certainly check out this book : )

Moment to Moment said...

beautiful photos, beautiful words,,,

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