10 June 2010

A time to take it all in

Seasons are becoming more important to me. Not just the seasons of the year but seasons of learning and of sharing. For a while now it has been a season of learning which is a process and has many levels. I am gathering a plentiful bounty from other women who know so much about healthy eating, rhythm, caring for young children, yoga and meditation, living days at a slower yet meaningful pace, DIY in a variety of areas, knitting, photography, sewing and creative expression.

Please, in my long periods of silence/learning, don't miss out on others who are in the season of sharing. You can find wonderful places to visit on both sides of this blog.

I do have a story to share before I go.

This morning the kids and I were enjoying a peaceful rest on the porch where we watched three squirrels playing in the trees. They roamed from one to the next with ease...mostly. One squirrel came to a spot, high in the treetops where it hesitated while the others leaped confidently. We watched and cheered the squirrel as it attempted over and over to take the leap and safely find it's footing on the next tree branch. It wandered all over trying to find the courage and safest way across to join its friends. Finally, it decided that it was all or nothing and leaped into the air and found that it was capable and successful.

So many times in life we are scared and hesitant when we come to a place that needs us to stretch out of our comfort zone. We have a great longing to make that leap to the next part of our journey but we don't know if we will be successful and land with our feet firmly under us. As we cheered for the squirrel, I thought about my life and what paths I am hesitant to explore, not sure if I will be successful and land safely on the other side.

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gardenmama said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful lesson Lynette.
Your photos are very inspirational to me.

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