16 June 2010

Wash Wednesday

As I gather the clothes from the line I notice the shadows on the ground by my basket. I love the way light plays around me in the evening. 

The light reminded me to play around myself and I observed my clothesline from different angles.

It is enchanting to see hanging laundry can be seen as art.


gardenmama said...

You continue to inspire me with your photos!!!
These are stunning, your words are equally stunning.
The last photo is my favorite! I would ask and encourage you to submit this photo for the book as well ~ gorgeous!

Meryl said...

I am loving all these Wash Wednesday photos! I need to go take some myself, but it's so much fun just to look at everyone else's. As you say, it really is art!

swedishouse said...

Simply Beautiful!
Thank you for sharing.
Lovely to meet you
Julie x

Julie said...

I just saw your photos on Garden Mama's blog. Beautiful!

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