17 July 2010

Seven year anniversary

Our little get-away for our anniversary

A peaceful greeting as we walked in the door to our log cabin

 During a morning walk down the road we witnessed such beauty

I noticed how similar my hands look (freckles) to my Grandfather's and my Papa's and hope we will be as happy in our marriage down the road as they are in theirs.

Old buildings have always been a favorite and this ghost town had plenty to share

Another enchanting view at St. Elmo.

We loved the chance to sit back and soak in the peace, quiet and tranquility.

And to you all of you who are celebrating your love for one another this summer, I wish you pure joy! 

** I want to share with you another adventure I am on...learning to spin with a drop spindle**
Today at the farmers' market I caught up with Tammy who I had met last week. She taught me the basics of the drop spindle while my little ones devoured a chocolate muffin beside me.  This indeed is a learned skill and although I did not do so well while there at the market, this afternoon proved some success. 

Uneven though it may be, I am in love with the spinning and I am sure more is in my future. Please, take a look at Tammy's A Wren's Nest Farm to purchase your own drop spindle kit and look around for she has some delicious handmade soap too!


gardenmama said...

Happy Anniversary!
It looks and sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful time together! The photo of the two of you is beautiful although I can't look at your husband without 'seeing him on the clothesline' lol ; ) xoxo

Lynnette said...

Thank you Nicole!

Julie said...

Lovely photos, sounds like a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary!

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