21 July 2010

Wandering Wednesday

Here I stand determined to brighten up my day after finding deer had stolen big, green, roma tomatoes from my plants in the garden. 

Here I stand visually seeing the mess that I feel inside. 

Here I stand knowing that I just need to take things one puzzle piece at a time.

Here I sit with my family around the table for our third and last meal of the day. My son touching my foot every few seconds with a smile to warm a weary mama's heart.

GardenMama is at it again. Come join us.


gardenmama said...

I love that your photos share a story to your day. I really like what you did here Lynnette and also that you challenged yourself. Beautiful job! xo

moment to Moment said...

Wow, I love your pictures and your sentiments, it is hard to believe that you might have been challenged by this challenge, as you mentioned on gardenmamas...

gardenmama said...

missed you today xo

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