04 August 2010

Wandering Wednesday

Here I stand giddy with anticipation for the adventure of learning about healing in my own backyard. I was thrilled to learn that the author has her farm nearby and I will be looking for opportunities to learn from her in the future if possible. 

I recently read about plantain and gathered some to have on hand if needed. Just yesterday,  my son was stung by a wasp and my husband brought him in knowing that I would have something to help. I hesitantly chewed up a plantain leaf I had drying and applied it to his thumb. He quickly stopped crying. As my husband watched him to be sure he was not having any allergic reactions, I collected a couple more leaves and ground them up in my mortar with calendula oil to spread on his thumb. After awhile, he was eager to get up and go back outside so we collected some mud and spread it on just for save measure since this was all new to me. By the end of the day he had only a small puncture where earlier he had some swelling and redness surrounding the wound. This was certainly a delight and affirmation for this mother who has juggled with the idea to pursue more healing knowledge. 

Here I stand with fresh from the garden, green beans about to be dehydrated along with some banana slices for future eating. Our plants are being devoured by spiky, yellow worms so I am not sure how much more we will get to harvest. It seems the more attention we give our garden the more attention the wildlife and bugs give it too.

And here he stands, my boy, who wants to have some fun like his Mama. He is delighted to have a turn with the camera and I am thrilled with his interest to look at things in a different way.

Here I stand choosing green "ice cream" of spinach, pineapple, banana, orange concentrate and ice as an example to my family that healthy eating can be fun and tasty too!

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gardenmama said...

Yay! I was going to leave you a note yesterday and then thought... she will be here! I am so glad you are : ) I am so excited for you with the experience you had with your son's bee sting, I wish you well on this exciting journey! It is so very sweet and inspiring that your son also wanted to take part in this photo challenge! He is learning so many amazing things from you Mama! Good for you on the green ice cream! I enjoy our green smoothies as much as I do watching the kids enjoy them! Enjoy your week xo

Moment to Moment said...

lovely post. That has been one of my favorite books for a long time, so simple and straight forward..how fortunate to have her close by!!
:) Christina

Shannon said...

super fabulous. have fun with your new adventures. we think fruit smoothies are ice cream in this house, too. my little boy also thinks his fish oil "balls" are candy. :) thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog. i appreciate you!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Isn't it wonderful how nature has provided us with almost all we need for healing?
Thanks for sharing.

kendra said...

good work on the plantain, mama! last year i blended and froze some in ice cube trays (i think it's best fresh) - but i never ended up needing them! it's good for burns too! <3

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