11 August 2010

Wandering Wednesday


Here I stand - with only the bare essentials getting done and choosing to surround myself with simple beauty and  to wear pajamas all day while I fought off some head sickness. 


Here I stand- okay, recline while I travel to the distant lands of Australia and England while I am surrounded by afternoon light and cheerful quilts.

Here I stand  enjoying a little foot soak while my little mermaid is calmed by the water at the end of the day.

I hope you have enjoyed some wanderings of your own. Please share them over at GardenMama's, we would love to hear of your adventures. If you have been a little under the weather, take time to breathe and rest and may your days be full of simple beauty and pleasures.

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gardenmama said...

Each photo is more lovely than the last! I LOVE what you did with your stones, isn't it a relaxing process? These are lovely! (I think you post these in the evening on purpose, you know I am always excited to see yours! lol ; ) Happy, happy week to you friend, rest that head of yours! xo

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